We are the Stars | #WednesdayWrites

Hi! Sorry that I’ve been so MIA again I’ve been super busy. My journal making hobby is really keeping me busy.  I haven’t had much time for anything, but that. I haven’t even had time to read books omg.Well anyways I have some writing deadlines to keep and I wanted to share an excerpt of a piece that I’ve been writing for a project that I cannot talk about at the moment lol. 

I am not the best at poetry. Not even free form poetry (despite my angsty teenage writer phase).  Any constructive criticism is welcomed!  

Green Vine With Flower clip artWe are the Stars


The decision to join the ocean of stars that blanket his night sky

Was simpler than breathing.


Because loving him was easier than we could have imagined

Easier than spotting rainbows after cloudy April showers

Easier than breathing in the scent of freshly fallen rain.

They said you can’t possibly love someone you don’t know,

But you do know, don’t you.


The way his voice makes flowers bloom in your chest,

Bringing forth new life

The way nature does when the cold winters finally fade.

And the way the smile he shares with all of us

Makes you feel like it was meant just for you.

Green Vine With Flower clip art

This is just the start of the piece as I’m not allowed to release the whole thing until after the project has been released, but the main theme was spring night.  I will post the full thing after the project has been announced!  Again any constructive criticism is welcomed. 





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Fanfiction – The Pros and Cons | #WednesdayWrites


You either love it or you hate it.  There’s really no in between.  Fanfiction can be good for a lot of things:

  1. Tying up loose ends that weren’t solved in the book (or movie, TV series etc)
  2. Exploring subplots that you didn’t get to see happen
  3. Exploring the stories of other characters, whom you might have loved, but not gotten enough of them
  4. Even just cheering yourself up about a really good series, book, TV show, or movie being over.

But there’s a lot about fanfiction to consider when you’re a writer. As a reader and writer I personally LOVE fanfiction.  Some people would argue that writing fanfiction as a writer is detrimental to your own original work.  And in some ways they’re right.  Today’s post is the Pros and Cons of writing fanfiction.

Green Vine With Flower clip art


  • You get to write things the way you wanted them to turn out exactly the way you want it to be.
  • You’re working with a world and characters that have already been developed. In this case it helps me when I’m writers blocked. I don’t have to worry about creating characters nor developing any worlds I just get to write without worrying too much about those details.
  • Alternately, you can use the characters in a different world. Or the world with different characters. The options are endless when you want to practice techniques.
  • Did I mention practice? It’s really good for practice. (Can you tell I’m the kind of person who likes to practice things lol)


  • Sometimes you get too sucked into the story line or the characters that you lose sight of how to be original. It becomes a crutch. You can’t handle creating your own world so you borrow from one that’s already been made, or you all you’re really in love with a character that you can’t bear for them not to be in what you write.
  • You can’t come up with your own ideas. I know that ties in with being original, but in a way it’s different. Nothing anymore is completely original as there are many, many slightly different versions to the princess being rescued by the prince among other plots.  BUT a good writer should be able to put a cool, original spin on a plot that’s been done many times over. Writing fanfiction too long sometimes affects your ability to come up with those twists that make your story stand out from others.
  • All your characters turn out same-y. Like with plot bunnies. Sometimes you return to writing original work and when you read it back you realize that your MC turns out to be a little too much like your favorite character.
  • You get so used to writing fanfiction that you don’t want to write anything original. When you’re feeling lazy you just want to write stuff that’s all developed already (not to be confused with not being able to be write original things with not wanting to write original things because it’s easier to write fanfiction)Green Vine With Flower clip art

I will admit to being addicted to writing fanfiction. Some months I find myself only writing fanfiction.  But the reason I want to be a writer is because I enjoy writing.  And I know there are times when you just have to force yourself to write, but a majority of the time I tend to not want to force myself to write so I more often than not these days end up writing fanfiction.

For me the pros outweigh the cons.  I still need a lot of practice and for me, I find that fanfiction is what helps best.  It may not be the best practice, but everyone has their own opinions. I really enjoy the idea of expanding on a world, giving it a twist to make it somewhat your own.

Green Vine With Flower clip art

Do you like fanfiction? Do you write fanfiction? To you do you think that the pros outweigh the cons?




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2/? Post Apocalyptic | #WednesdayWrites

So a few weeks ago for #WednesdayWrites you may or may not know that I wrote a short piece for the Final Task of Mahriya from My Bookish Life’s Typewriter Project.  I enjoyed it so much and it was good practice so I ended up continuing to write it.

Alright so If you haven’t read part 1 you can find it here!  

please be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Kaern stared him down, unflinching.  He was right. He was being a terrible leader to Parker.  A good leader wouldn’t leave Parker behind.  Whether he was dead or not, he owed it to the younger boy and his family to at least try and bring him back.  Jin could see that whether or not he agreed, Kaern would be marching to the city below to find Parker.  Though he would much prefer that all of them went together.


Did he even really need to think about it?  Parker was essential to the team’s dynamic.  With all of the time they’d spent training together, living together for years it almost seemed wrong to call them a team.  They were a family.  He couldn’t really live if Parker was left behind.  Good leader in the eyes of the officials or not, he couldn’t leave Parker behind.  Denying it was next to useless.

Finally he spoke, “You understand what happens if we get caught right?”

“Does that even matter?” Mathieu questioned beating Kaern to the punch, “We can’t just leave Parker down there.”

Jin shook his head, “No. We can’t.” he met each of their gazes for a moment, “But we’ll all be the ones paying for it if we get caught.”

“Then we just won’t get caught,” If only it were that simple.  Jin tried to smile at Jakob’s optimism, as he watched a puppy like smile erupt on the blonde’s face.

“We know what we’re getting ourselves into.  Leaving Parker behind isn’t an option.”  Mathieu told him.

“We’re going.” Kaern added shortly, arms crossed over his chest.

Jin nodded shortly, “Pack up. I want to be out by sunset at the latest.  Being in the city after dark means death.”

With an unexplained rush of energy the younger three packed the equipment up in a hurry.  Jin turned and glared down at the city once more. Parker you’d better be okay.  Keep your damn promise and just stay alive.


“Alright, Kaern I need the coordinates of the last location from Parker’s tracker before we lost connection.  We’ll start from there and fan out in groups of two.  Communicators are to be on at all times and there is absolutely no wandering off alone.”  Jin instructed as they took the truck down the rough dirt path, towards the edge of the city.

“On it.”  Kaern replied from the back, sounding infinitely more receptive to Jin than he had been earlier.

“Don’t discharge your weapons unless absolutely necessary.  I want to find Parker and get out. Do not engage unless you are fired at first. Are we clear?”

The resounding, eager, “yes!” echoed throughout the confined space, ensuring that all three had heard him.  With each passing second he could feel his worry for Parker overtaking his worry at going against protocol.  It was easier to push any opposing thoughts from his head as they drew closer to the city. When the engine cut off he glanced towards Mathieu, who sat in the driver’s seat. From the younger man he received an encouraging nod before he turned and clambered out from the car.

“His last known location was this way.” Kaern said, climbing over the torn down wire fence, and pointing to the East.

“Alright we’ll split off when we reach that point.  Jakob go with Kaern, Mathieu with me.”

There was no hesitation in his stride this time as he stepped over the fence and started in the direction Kaern pointed to.  Broken chunks of concrete crunching beneath their boots was the only sound they heard aside from the whistle of the wind snaking around them. All four pairs of eyes scanned the rubble in search of Parker or a sign that something was amiss, but all they found was the remnants of the destroyed city.

“Verlaine* used to be pretty.” Jin muttered, staring at the shattered display windows and shards of glass that littered their path.

“My mom brought me down here once to go shopping,” Jakob hummed quietly in agreement.

“Over there.” Kaern called out suddenly.  The other three snapped to attention. He was pointing down at the wreckage of what looked like a car pileup.  It’d probably happened during the clamour to escape the city just before it fell.

“Do you see something?” Jin asked striding to where Kaern stood.

“His tracker.”  Kaern replied, hooking the locator device on his belt before grabbing hold of the edge of a large piece of concrete that’d be uprooted and lowering himself down the steep hill. One by one they followed after him.  Kaern crouched in front of the broken tracker scoffing lightly under his breath. There was a large crack along the glass.  It was broken. That explained why his earlier efforts to connect with it had been without result.

“He must have lost it.” Mathieu spoke up, tugging Kaern back from his thoughts.  Picking it up he straightened out and handed it to Jin to look at.

“It’s broken too, which explains why I couldn’t get to it before.”

“Should have just attached one that he couldn’t lose to him.” Jin muttered under his breath, examining the broken device before shoving it into his bag, ignoring the other three’s snickers of agreement.

“Mathieu, you and I will go east. Jakob, you and Kaern take west.  We’ll meet back here an hour before sunset whether or not we’ve found him.  That should give us enough time to get clear of the city.”

All business, he made sure to impress a firm glare to each of the remaining members of his team.  He needed them to understand the severity of his words. He’d lost one of the most important people to him already he wasn’t about to lose anymore.

Variations of ‘yep’ and ‘you got it boss’ were tossed around before he was left standing next to Mathieu, the second youngest.

“Should we go now?” Mathieu questioned, making Jin pull his eyes away from the pair of retreating backs to look at him.  With a short nod they headed in the opposite direction of the other pair, falling into step together.

*Verlaine is just the name of a fictional city. I picked at random don’t ask lol





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Top 3 Reasons Why Fantasy is my favorite genre (To Read and Write) | #WednesdayWrites

I’m not going to be the first bookworm to state that Fantasy is my absolute favorite genre to read (and write).  That’s not to say that every cute lil bookworm is going to agree with me, but let’s face it. Fantasy has got to be THE best genre to read, when done right of course. There is SO much to discover, to experience, to love about this genre.  I’ll make my intro brief.  Today’s #WednesdayWrites is my top 3 reasons why Fantasy is my favorite genre to read and write!Green Vine With Flower clip art

Green Vine With Flower clip art
1. The only limit to possibilities is your imagination

Think about it. You’re reading (or creating) a world that has an infinite number of possibilities.  Anything is fair game okay?  You could have people with purple skin and spikes protruding out of their backs.  You could have a world where the sky is made of water and everyone walks in air.  Volcanoes could spit out snow and talking plants could be normal.

Anything. Literally anything could be real in worlds of fantasy even if they’re not plausible in our world. (Let’s face it. Who wouldn’t want to be creator of a whole entire world???)

2. It’s a way to escape

Without trying to sound like I’m making this about myself and be all boohoo pity me, my childhood was (though not a bad one) hard to get through. We didn’t go out much and with money being kinda tight I had to adapt to not having everything that everyone else had.  (Talk about first world problems wow geez!).

Anyways reading things set in the real world just felt for lack of a better word bleh. Fantasy books filled with adventure, creatures that didn’t exist except in those new worlds created by the author, that was what I craved.  Something far beyond the reach of my reality.

For those hours I sat down to read I could escape from stress, emotions (my own that I didn’t want to face) and just about anything normal kids wanted to avoid because it was just emotionally exhausting.  TLDR?  Fantasy = Escape.

3. Magic. M – A – G – I – C ! and also wonder.

What would we be without Magic?  Harry Potter-less is what we would be!!

Okay yes this sort of goes back to the first point, where I told you ANYTHING was possible in the Fantasy Genre. But listen. Just hear me out. This is a veRY good point and I feel like it needed it’s on bullet point to fully get across to you the feels that I have about magic and wonder.

Magic gives me this childlike wonder as an adult. One that you can’t get anywhere else. And the kinds of possibilities that come with the idea of magic are endless

Okaay so maybe I didn’t have a WHOLE lot to say about why magic is one of my top 3 reasons why Fantasy is my favorite genre, but some things you just can’t explain, sometimes you just find something and it changes your whole perspective on life.  That’s what fantasy, what magic did for me.

Green Vine With Flower clip art

Do you also like fantasy books? What is your favorite genre?  What are your top reasons for picking that favorite genre?




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10 (English) Words that I think are Absolutely Beautiful

It’s no secret that I absolutely ADORE writing, even more than I do reading. And that is because I find words enchanting, magical, beautiful.  There are few things that I love more than sitting and surrounding myself with words. As nerdy, or as bookish as that sounds, words are one of the most amazing things to ever be created.  Not just English words either.  Every language has this beauty individual to itself.

lol am I losing you guys?  Let me stop rambling.

Today’s post is a HUGE appreciation post for words. More specifically some of my favorite words in the English language.

(In no particular order lol)

  1. Petrichor (n): “A pleasant, distinctive smell frequently accompanying the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather in certain regions.”

    One of my favorite scents in the whole world. I found it hard to describe the soft spicy scent that acquainted rain fall

  2. Universe (n): “everything that exists, especially all physical matter, including all the stars,planets, galaxies, etc. in space.

    It’s not just the word itself that I find absolutely entrancing its the definition. Everything about this word is beautiful. The wholeness of the word it’s hard to describe, but to me it’s just somehow so completely breathtaking.

  3. Cacophony (n): “harsh discordance of sound; dissonance

    It really, really rolls off the tongue.

  4. Mother (n): “a female parent.

    Just for a second stop and consider every single thing your mother has done for you.  From the 9 months that she carried you inside of her, carefully protecting and growing you, to every progressive year she’s loved and cared for you since the day you were born.  Mothers are probably the STRONGEST people in the entire world I dare anyone to argue with me about that lol!

  5. Forgiveness (n): “act of forgiving; state of being forgiven”

    I’m not even going to attempt to explain this one. It has a lot of meaning for me that would take PAGES to write.  TLDR it takes a big kind heart to forgive and that itself is beautiful.

  6. Efflorescence (n): “the state or a period of flowering. an example or result of growth and development.

    I’m all about growth and development. About bettering oneself and really just being able to learn about who you are.  And that’s what I think about when I see the word Efflorescence. I also think the way its spelled is just beautiful in general.

  7. Evanescent (adj): “Vanishing; fading away; fleeting”

    Something about this definition is what made me add it to the list. Don’t get me wrong the word itself is really lovely, but I just find myself loving the meaning of the word more.  There’s something breathtaking about things that are fleeting, that vanish after short periods of time.  Kind of like the feeling of getting just a taste of something and then wanting more.

  8. Halcyon (n): “calm; peaceful; tranquil

    I don’t know about you, but this one feels pretty self explanatory lol. It’s just a beautiful word, spelling and definition.

  9. Sonder (n): “The realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own”

    Though it’s not really considered an actual word (by actual I mean it’s not recognized in dictionaries).  I found it to be absolutely beautiful. I really adore the meaning of this made up word and had to add it to my list. I actually find myself experiencing the meaning of sonder a lot, mostly while on the bus or on the train.  Kind of just when I’m sitting alone with my thoughts.  I find that sonder really helps when you want to be a writer because when you have that realization it helps you create characters.  Because you can start to kind of guess the kind of person they are, their name, their occupations, their back stories, pretty much everything about them except for their physical traits is up to you. It’s good practice for character making regardless of whether you actually use said character in a story or not.

  10. Vellichor (n): “The strange wistfulness of used bookstores, which are somehow infused with the passage of time

    Again Like the previous word on this list it isn’t recognized in dictionaries (at least that I’ve found), but like the previous one. The meaning is one that I really connect with and I think as bookworms you can understand why!

The last two words on this list come from the site “The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows“,

Which according to John Koenig (the original creator) is meant to “harpoon, bag and tag wild sorrows then release them back into the subconscious.” I could literally spend HOURS scrolling through that site just reading through all those beautifully crafted words for feelings that we never had words for before. There’s even a Youtube channel for it omg. These are words, whether they’re officially recognized as words or not, to me are words and there are very few more incredible than they are.  I 100% recommend that you check the site or the Youtube channel (preferably both!) out.

What are some of words that you find to be beautiful? What do you think of the dictionary of obscure sorrows? Do you consider the words to be “real” words?





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Typewriter Project: Final Task | #Wednesday Writes

 It was such a pleasure to participate in Mahriya’s  Typewriter Project! Although I’m sad that it’s come to an end I’ve had a lot of fun and learned so much. I really enjoyed it.

I thought I’d post my entry for the final task as I was particularly proud of it. I’m not very good at dystopian or post apocalyptic types of stories so I wanted to dabble a little bit and this was the result! 

Leaders were meant to call the shots. Even if sometimes those shots felt wrong; they were meant to be given whether they were difficult or not.  Still, as Jin stood at the top of the ridge staring out at the burning city he couldn’t help, but feel regret for the decisions he’d made earlier that day.

The only sign of movement were the slow moving flames as they licked their way from building to building slowly but surely engulfing the rubble below. He shouldn’t have sent Parker. He had a bad feeling.  There was something wrong.

There was always something wrong, that was a given in their world now, but something about this particular moment just felt wholly wrong.  It was necessary, he had to remind himself.  Parker was the youngest, and the fastest of the five of them and knew how to slip around in the shadows.  If any one of his team was to go it would be Parker.

“Anything?” He called out to the others his voice controlled, but his nerves fracturing at every angle.  He didn’t for a moment tear his eyes away from the city, stupidly, feverishly hoping he could catch a glimpse of their youngest member.

“Still no direct contact. Kaern is working on re-establishing the GPS to get his location.”  Mathieu replied worry biting into his tone.

“He’s fine.” Jin muttered loudly, hands balled tightly into fists. Though his voice held strong, his eyes held a different story.  He had meant to reassure the others, but at that moment he was almost one hundred percent certain that it was him who needed reassurance.

Gnawing on his lower lip he squinted at the bright red and orange flames until his eyes hurt. Come on Parker. Where are you?

“Don’t you think we should go in after him?” Jakob stood off to his left, communicator dangling limply in one hand.  It proved to be useless since they’d lost connection with Parker twenty minutes ago.  Any efforts to reach their youngest member since then had been fruitless.

“We need to trust him.  Parker’s capable.  He can do this.”

His thoughts were the complete opposite of his words. It wasn’t that Jin didn’t believe in Parker’s abilities, it was the worry gnawing away at him.  The fear that Parker wouldn’t come back, that he may never see the younger man again, that’s what was causing the panic that was blooming in his chest and circling around in his thoughts.

“And what if he can’t?” Jakob’s words cracked out flat like a whip.

It was blatantly obvious that Jakob didn’t think that they should just be sitting on their asses just waiting.  Not at the possibility that one of their own was alone in the city, bleeding out somewhere or dead or worse captured.  Jin knew that Jakob was right. He was going against every fibre in his being, not giving the order to head into the city, but as a leader he couldn’t risk the rest of the team.  It was against regulations, he’d be breaking laws by allowing the others to go off in search of their youngest.

For the first time Jin pulled his gaze away the rubble of the broken city.  His eyes met Jakob’s pained ones, before pressing on and looking towards the other two as well.  Similar expressions painted all their faces.  It was obvious the other two agreed with Jakob. They wanted to go after Parker.  Their loyalty to each other ran deep, and the look on their faces made it clear that they would go after him, even if it meant going against protocol.

“Don’t pretend like you’re not worried Jin. We know that you, of all people care most about Parker returning.”

“It’s not that simple. And you know it,” he replied voice soft, and filled with defeat. He had to be a good leader.  He had to protect the rest, and stick to protocol even if it meant losing someone as precious to him as Parker.  Just do it. You can do it without them knowing.  The four of you can go in, find Parker and get out. No one would be the wiser.

“We shouldn’t have sent him alone in the first place. But not going after him when he could be hurt or dead or captured? Does that make you a good leader Jin?”  Kaern stepped forward, throwing the GPS tracker at the dirt, “That’s what you’re obsessed with isn’t it? Being a good leader?”

A bitter mocking laugh left Kaern’s lips, as Mathieu placed a hand on his arm, quietly cautioning him of his place.  It was promptly ignored and Kaern stalked towards his leader with an angry defiant look swirling in his eyes.

“To whose standards are you trying to be a good leader? The higher ups?  You want a raise? A promotion? More recognition?  You want to look good for them?”

“Kaern.” Mathieu’s low warning fell to deaf ears.  Jin stood stock still, frozen in place by the accusatory statements thrown in his face. It wasn’t easy.  He wanted to go into the city, to give the order so they could go find their seemingly lost member.  But if they were caught all of them would face the consequences.  And he couldn’t risk that happening to them.

“He’s right.  We should be going to look for Parker.”  Jakob broke through the tension rising.

“You don’t understand-” “No you don’t understand.”

Kaern interrupted, “How you look to the higher ups shouldn’t even matter to you.  You should be worrying about being a good leader to Parker and to the rest of us.  A good leader wouldn’t leave Parker behind.”





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1/? | Chapters of a Story Yet To Be Finished

Wall, ugly chicken clock, other wall, repeat. Her eyes bounced back and forth trying not to look at the woman in front of her. This was the third court appointed shrink she’d been to and she wasn’t about to change her tactic. Avoidance always made them go back and tell the judge they couldn’t do it.  Tick. Tick. Tick. That clock was loud too, not just ugly. It was fucking loud.

“Eve.” the woman’s voice was warm, but tinged with impatience. She didn’t look up. Eve knew she’d only get patronizing, insincere looks if she did. This wasn’t the first session she’d been to. She had already been through this twice with the other shrinks; that tone was nothing new. She heard the rustle of the legal pad get jostled as the woman flexed her ankles and re-crossed her legs, no doubt sore from sitting the way she did all day.

“Eve. You promised you would co-operate. It was one of the conditions set by the court. In order for me to report to them my opinion, you need to talk to me.” The woman (what was her name again?) reminded her, a hard tone entering her voice.

“I am not crazy.” Eve blurted out, just as the shrink began to speak again.

“No one said you were.” Indifference. When Eve finally looked up to gauge the woman’s expression all that she saw was indifference.

“Obviously they do or I wouldn’t be here, wasting both of our time.” she replied boredly, quickly building up the wall that she’d carelessly begun to let slip.

“People are worried Eve. They want answers. You can’t blame them for that.”

“What does it matter?” she asked looking away again, “I’m stuck. I’m locked up. I can’t hurt anyone anymore.”

“That doesn’t mean that this is over. Life still goes on. Elliot and his family are picking up the pieces. They’re trying to move on and you should too.”

“Since when do I have the right to move on.” she snapped bitterly, fingers tugging at the sleeve of her ugly orange jumpsuit. What she was wearing should have been all the evidence this woman needed to see that she didn’t deserve to move on.

Eve made the mistake then, of looking at her. There was a mix of emotion on her face, sadness a bit of sympathy and something else that she didn’t catch because she looked away too quickly. Mistake. Mistake. Mistake. A flood of guilt and hurt settled in her chest and shattered the fragile barrier she’d put up to keep the overwhelmingly dull ache away.

“Eve.” Teeth clenched she didn’t reply, “Eve?”

“Eve of course you deserve to move on. You need to understand and reflect on your actions and you need to be properly punished for what you did, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to move on.” the woman’s voice had grown increasingly soft and it only made Eve feel worse. Damn. She should have been able to hold out longer than this.

“Let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about what happened.”

There it was. This woman didn’t want her to move on or reflect. This woman didn’t care about her. All she cared about was what happened to Elliot. At least the other shrinks had been forward about what they wanted. This stupid woman had to go and make her have a shred of doubt about all the self-deprecating thoughts that had been overwhelming her. For a moment Eve had had hope.

Sniffling she rubbed her nose against the rough sleeve of her jumpsuit and damned all her tears to the deepest pits of hell. She was supposed to be a rock. Emotionless. This was the complete opposite.

“You must have read the paper or watched the news. You don’t need me to tell you anything.”

“I want to hear it from you. I want to hear your story. Will you please talk to me?”

Persistent, Eve had to give that to her. This woman was at least persistent. They were already on their sixth session and she still hadn’t given up.  Instead of answering, Eve turned her entire body away, a clear indication that she was done talking for the day.


Two more sessions went by in the blink of an eye. And during those sessions Eve hadn’t spoken a word. It was much easier to not break if she just became completely unresponsive.  By the ninth session though, both of them had gotten tired of it.  They’d started off as usual, but after the initial questioning Scarlet didn’t try anymore. Instead she put her legal pad down and stretched.  That wasn’t what caught Eve’s attention. It was when scarlet pushed a foot to the back of her heel and slid one of her shoes off. Then the other came off followed by a short sigh of relief.

“What are you doing?”

At the wide smile that split across Scarlet’s face, Eve realized she’d mistakenly just lost their little stand-off.  Instead of reacting the way Eve expected, she stretched herself out as best should could on the arm chair and put her arms behind her head.

“Well since you aren’t being cooperative I might as well use my time for something. I’m going to take a nap.”

“You can do that?” Eve gaped at her.

“Why not? Are you going to tell on me?” Scarlet grinned at her. Eve stared at her uncertainly.

“Are you ready to talk? Because if you are I’m still ready to listen.” Scarlet sat up with a welcoming smile.

“No.” she answered shortly.

“Well, then I’m going to take that nap. You can wake me up when you’re ready to talk or when our time is over. Whichever comes first.” With that she settled back into her resting position and shut her eyes.

Eve watched her apprehensively was this woman actually going to nap?  Was that even allowed?  Who would believe you if you told anyways she’s the one with all the power here, a voice from her head reminded her. Shaking that thought away she gnawed at the inside of her lip trying to decide what to do.  Let this woman have the peace and quiet for a good nap? Talk? Would she even listen if Eve talked?

“If I talk,” Eve hesitated before continuing, “Are you going to listen?  No one has listened so far. I wonder. Are you going to listen or just let yourself draw all the conclusions before I tell you?”

With a wide grin Scarlet opened her eyes and sat up.  Eve bit down on a snarky remark picking at her clothes, a habit she normally displayed when nervous.  Scarlet had thought she’d won. This was a victory for her.  Ehh. Let her have it, the voice waved Eve’s thoughts away nonchalantly.

“Yes. I promise to listen to your side of the story.”  Scarlet told her with a warm reassuring tone in her voice.

Looking at her with one last assessing stare Eve sighed and slumped down in her seat, “okay,” she said defeated, “I guess it started somewhere this year. I can’t really give you a time period because with this kind of thing, you don’t notice the change. It’s so gradual that you don’t notice and when you do it’s because of the long, long build up finally causing the dam to break.”





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