Typewriter project | Task 1: Blurb

Not too long ago I joined Mahriya from My Bookish Life‘s Typewriter Project and for the first task we were instructed to write a blurb.  One that had a diverse main character and the word ‘tranquil’.  Though I wasn’t the winner of the first task I had a lot of fun writing my blurb and wanted to share it with everyone.

No one said being royalty was easy. In fact, in most stories, one hears that being royalty, is no easy task.  But for queen Liranna, ruler of the East Forest, that was never the case. Life is simple. Life is satisfying.

She believes she has everything she needs; the formula to a happy life. That is until a magical disease no one has had for decades, begins to sweep across the once tranquil land.  Everyone around her is growing sick and no one knows why.

The entire forest is dying and along with it, its people.

Liranna must venture, for the first time in years, alone passed the walls of the East Forest to find the cure, something she’s only heard about in legends.  It becomes a race against the clock, to find the cure, to save the forest and the people who cannot survive without it.

I plan to actually write the story so please let me know what you think! Please also make sure to check out Mahriya’s blog and the Typewriter project. It’s so much fun and I’m learning so much even though it’s just begun.




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Writer’s Ink Challenge


Thank your nominator
Answer at least 8 questions about writing
Nominate at least 5 people

Thank you to Mahriya from mybookishlife for unofficially nominating me for this. Honestly Mahriya is an absolute treasure and you should definitely check out her blog. She has all sorts of bookish and blogging posts that are all a delight to read!

 When did you first start writing?

I started writing when I first learned to actually write the alphabet.  My mom often would tell me that my school notebooks were full of nonsense stories that always gave her a good laugh.  So I’ve been writing for pretty much my whole life haha.

Have you always been interested in writing?

As I said above I’ve been writing for pretty much my whole life. For as long as I can remember my head has been filled with ideas, and thoughts that distracted me all throughout school.  It got me in quite a bit of trouble, but it was all so worth it, nothing made me happier.  Sure I went through the usual want to be a princess, a doctor, a policeman dream jobs, but nothing made me happier than having pen and paper and being able to sit and write for as long as i liked.

Why do you like writing? 

That’s actually a really hard question for me to answer.  Writing is like breathing to me,  I can’t not write.  It’s like asking a dancer to stop dancing.  I like it because it fills me with this sense of happiness, and joy.  I’ve never been the greatest student, but my teachers used to praise me in school for my creativity (sometimes I’m not sure where it’s gone though :P).  And growing up with two academically and musically talented siblings I always felt as though I couldn’t measure up to them in anything.  But writing has always been my thing. So I guess one of the main reasons I like writing is because I found something for me, just me and maybe that sounds selfish, but we all need something don’t we?

What genre do you write in? 

My writing doesn’t necessarily stick to one genre.  I’m a bit all over the place personality wise and so is my writing in terms of genres.  I may be better at some than others, but I don’t like to limit myself to one or two genres. I like to dabble as much as possible.

Who or what motivates you to write?

Nothing really motivates me to write. I just write. I like to write and therefore don’t need motivation to write.  I write when I want to and when I don’t feel like it I just don’t.  I used to force myself to write, when I wasn’t being consistent with writing, but whenever I did that it read awkwardly and just seemed so stiff.

Do you write poetry? 

I did when I was younger, really angsty typical teenager type poetry! It was never my strong suit yet I wrote it all the time. I guess what counts is that I had fun writing it.  I don’t do it so much anymore. Occasionally something will slip out, but I don’t generally write poetry anymore.

Have you ever written a story with a friend? 

I have when I was younger. My best friend at the time was also very into writing and so we wrote a story together. We’d pass a notebook to each other during the 5 minute walk time between classes and then meet up at lunch or after school to talk about the stuff. I don’t know where that notebook ended up, probably lost in my giant collection of notebooks, but it never did end up getting finished.

How do you write your stories (first person, third person)? 

I tend to go back and forth, depending on the type of story I’m writing. Sometimes when I’m writing something it feels better in first person and sometimes it’s third.. There’s are times when I start writing and I ended up changing it because it doesn’t sound quite right in first person and vice versa. I admit it does complicate things because sometimes I end up using both third and first unintentionally.

I don’t know too many writer’s yet TT I hope to meet some new ones soon!

For now I challenge:

  • May from Forever and Everly (after taking the time to peruse through your writing posts I’m extremely interested in hearing your answers to these questions!)





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