Twilight | Reviewing the Classics

Like it or not Twilight was a classic*.

*alright that’s kind of subjective, but it was H U G E for a while, that you can’t deny.

I used to be a huge fan.  I used to spend a majority of my hours of the day writing Twilight fanfiction.  You may think that’s embarrassing, heck even I think it’s embarrassing, but it’s impossible to deny that the Twilight series has become a classic and thus here I am writing a blog post for you about my current opinions of Twilight.

Are you ready for this? Caution LONG RANT POST AHEAD!

 Title: Twilight

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Rating (Out of 5 Stars)

About three things I was absolutely positive.
First, Edward was a vampire.
Second, there was a part of him—and I didn’t know how dominant that part might be—that thirsted for my blood.
And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.

In the first book of the Twilight Saga, internationally bestselling author Stephenie Meyer introduces Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, a pair of star-crossed lovers whose forbidden relationship ripens against the backdrop of small-town suspicion and a mysterious coven of vampires. This is a love story with bite.

(via goodreads)

They’re stale.  I would like to be objective because there’s a lot of negative backlash, especially since the movies came out. However my objectivity won’t keep me from being brutally honest at any point during this review.

Bella has the personality of a wet blanket.  She didn’t have much personality before Edward, but after she got together with him she literally lost whatever individuality she had.  She became an extension of him and didn’t seem like she was a main character.  I mean obviously the book was written to revolve around her, but she had literally nothing redeeming about her and that made me confused as to why she should be the main character.

Why did all those guys at her school like her?  Novelty wears off and yet these boys kept pursuing her as if she were so desirable?  Where is that desirability? There is none.  She was utterly forgettable (and yet somehow I was obsessed with this series for years. W O W good one younger me. Once again. AMAZING. my standards were low) and really disappointing as a main character.

Having her as a main character during a very impressionable time is probably one of the worst things you can have.   The example it sets is horrible.  The idea that you have to be dumb and have a bland personality of a wet blanket to attract guys is just plain wrong.  And using the idea of a “bookworm” (if she can even be called that) to portray her as a more normal relatable character is kind of really insulting.  It also bothers me that even though she has a favorite book (which is entirely possible) that this is literally the only thing she reads throughout the entire four books.  It bothers me okay. I really bothers me. THERE ARE OTHER BOOKS OKAY.  (#triggered)

Let’s move on to Edward.  Edward is a creepy stalker.  I’m not going to sugar coat it.  He followed her EVERYWHERE before they were really together.   He followed her to Port Angeles.  He climbed into her window at night to watch her sleep. And this was all before they had spoken much at all.  And no his actions are not romantic.  He’s possessive and becomes literally obsessed with her.  Again why do they all get fixated on this one girl who literally doesn’t have any redeeming qualities????

You may find this harsh, but let’s face it, not only are the characters stale, but they’re examples of what not to grow up like.

When I was younger I read a lot of sappy romance books and this one definitely qualifies as one such books.   My entire foundation of knowledge on romance and how relationships should be were centered on books like these back then.  And upon reading it again this time I’ve realize just how bad that is.

I mean Edward literally came into her bedroom at night even before she knew it and was watching her sleep.  Back then I thought that was cute and romantic (wtf younger me jeez), but really it’s just creepy and really … oh my god indescribably wrong.  Literally why did I ever think that was cute?  A man (A CENTURY YEAR OLD MAN I MIGHT ADD) climbing in your bedroom window at night and watching you sleep.

At the time the idea was so novel.  Vampires who weren’t actually inherently evil and can still find love.  I admit that when I first finished the book I was blown away.  It was so great and having reread it now I found it so cringey and confusingly bad.  I had troubles actually sitting and reading it all the way through.   I found myself wanting to skip passed certain passages and certain chapters just because I knew what was coming and didn’t want to experience the secondhand embarrassment over again.

Perhaps the final nail on the coffin was the Twilight movie.  Back when it first came out I was still SUPER enamoured with the series and so my parents being the amazing dedicated parents they are they took me to see it in theatres.  But it was nothing like I wanted it to be.  I hated the characters they chose for Bella and Edward.  Now that I look back at it though Kristen Stewart played Bella perfectly.  She was an emotionless and forgettable.  She played Bella to a tee!

And the whole Edward’s bronze-y coppery hair I was so disappointed when Edward didn’t have hair the color of a penny.  I was mad that’s what I was waiting for.  I was let down.

While I do have some emotional attachment to this series (because I did grow up with it) I can’t give it anything more than 2 stars.

I gave it 2 stars for emotional attachment.

Green Vine With Flower clip art

Did you jump on the hype train and read the books? Or were you reading it before the hype began? How do you feel about Twilight and the Twilight series?  What about her other book The Host?





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The Glass Arrow | Book Review

And we’re back to fantasy my friends! You have no idea how excited I was to dig into this book.  For real this is probably one of my most recent favorites. Its probably going to be my fave read of the month.Green Vine With Flower clip art

 Title: The Glass Arrow

Author: Kristen Simmons

Rating (Out of 5 Stars)

The Handmaid’s Tale meets Blood Red Road in Glass Arrow, the story of Aya, who lives with a small group of women on the run from the men who hunt them, men who want to auction off breeding rights to the highest bidder.

In a world where females are scarce and are hunted, then bought and sold at market for their breeding rights, 15-year old Aya has learned how to hide. With a ragtag bunch of other women and girls, she has successfully avoided capture and eked out a nomadic but free existence in the mountains. But when Aya’s luck runs out and she’s caught by a group of businessmen on a hunting expedition, fighting to survive takes on a whole new meaning.

(via Goodreads)

I wasn’t one hundred percent sold on the book just based off of a combination of summary + cover. Not at first glance, but after reading the first chapter I was pulled in. It sounded like something I would definitely read.   I figured it would be thought provoking, an exaggerated telling of society today.

And that’s why I ultimately pulled it off the shelf and kept it in my pile. I was looking for fantasy books this time, but also something that would make me think.

I genuinely enjoyed the characters in The Glass Arrow.  The MC was fantastic.  Strong willed, and full of fight.

There was so much to love about Aya, but honestly I have more to say about the writing style and world building, than characters this time around.

As a writer, world building is something that I have been learning and working hard to perfect.  Like with most books in the Fantasy genre The Glass Arrow took place in a world different from ours, and it was done beautifully.   It has been a while since an author (in my opinion) has written a book and created a completely new world without using massive information dumps.

All the information about the world that Aya was living in were naturally, subtly threaded into the story line.   The almost seamless-ness of having a complete world being built around you as you read was to me breathtaking.  As a writer I am so appreciative of how well the author managed to pull this off.

This to me is literally G – O – A – L – S.

Okay. It may now seem a little harsh to you that I’ve only given this book 3.5 stars.  I freaking LOVED this book, but I decided that I would be brutally honest about my book reviews so that people could see not just the good, but the bad.

This book was: 

  • an EXCELLENT example of how to properly integrate world building into your stories
  • well written
  • a fantastic show of how to add romance without having it overtake the rest of the story
  • had a good strong MC without her feeling too unreal/unrelatable.

So now that I’ve sung my praises for The Glass Arrow. Why in the HECK have I only given it 3.5 stars?

It D R A G G E D.  Towards the middle of the book I was still waiting for something to happen.  Right around the middle of the book it felt like a whole lot of nothing was going on and I found it kinda boring.  Of course after pushing through maybe one or two more chapters it started picking up, but then it felt like things started going too fast.

I’m not complaining I swear! It felt like too much was crammed into it towards the end that there wasn’t enough time to really come to grips with what was happening.  lol I’m trying to explain without giving too much away because I do still recommend reading the book and would rather not spoil anything.

The whole book overall is broken up into 3 sections each called a “book” on its own.  I suppose that could be the reason for why things felt like they moved too fast. They were sectioned off to signify the big things happening and I suppose that had it been pulled off correctly it would have been amazing. But for me… It just didn’t work.

I really wanted it to work, but it just felt like book 2 and 3 were too fast and had not enough meat in it to really care about everything that happened.

How do you feel about books that are sectioned off into smaller “books” within the actual book?




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Once and For All | Book Review

Okay I have no idea what it is about lately, but I keep pulling romance books off the shelf!!!

At one point in my life (when I was younger and still one of those misguided romantics) if anyone asked me who my favorite Author was I would have said Sarah Dessen. It wasn’t just because she wrote sappy romance plots that, though overdone and pretty cliche, were quite sweet.  I once told someone who asked me why she was my favorite author that I liked her because we shared the same first name.  Lame reason to name her my favorite author lol, but listen this story is for another day. The point is she was my favorite.  I avidly devoured all the books I could find that were written by her.

 Title: Once and For All

Author: Sarah Dessen

Rating (Out of 5 Stars)

Louna, daughter of famed wedding planner Natalie Barrett, has seen every sort of wedding: on the beach, at historic mansions, in fancy hotels and clubs. Perhaps that’s why she’s cynical about happily-ever-after endings, especially since her own first love ended tragically. When Louna meets charming, happy-go-lucky serial dater Ambrose, she holds him at arm’s length. But Ambrose isn’t about to be discouraged, now that he’s met the one girl he really wants.

Sarah Dessen’s many, many fans will adore her latest, a richly satisfying, enormously entertaining story that has everything—humor, romance, and an ending both happy and imperfect, just like life itself

(via Goodreads)

I’ll be honest. I went into this knowing EXACTLY what I was getting myself into.  The author’s writing style and her books in general are quite predictable.  So my first impressions are a bit biased (though not incorrect).  I figured it would be an it’s all going to work out, the MCs will end up tied together in a nice big happy bow.

The colors of the cover again something I could NEVER overlook. Sarah Dessen has some of the dreamiest book covers in my opinion.  They’re really lovely and that’s also another reason why I used to have her placed at the top of my list when it came to authors.

I was not wholly disappointed by the characters (as I seem to be lately while reading, romance books especially lol).  Dessen always has a way of making me want to coddle the characters and give them everything they want.  There was a lot more depth to the main female character than we usually see in her main characters.

Though her characters aren’t Mary Sue, I found Louna to be a little bit more developed. Maybe because she’s experienced tragedy.  At the same time though there’s a lot more to characters aside from working through tragedy that need to be considered. I think objectively speaking she was still pretty unoriginal. But the way Dessen writes just made me love her.

There was a lot more development between the two MCs romantically, which I enjoyed.

Alright, alright let’s talk overall.  I gave this book 3 stars.  But despite that:

I really enjoyed this book. 

There was a small bit of insta-love in there, which made my eyes kinda glaze over, but other than that I did actually really enjoy reading it.

My other big problem with the book was the fact that it was hard to differentiate between the flashbacks and the present.  There wasn’t any indication of transition in the formatting, which definitely was one of the bigger factors to why I gave the book only 3 stars.  I enjoyed the way she wrote the flashbacks, but the formatting made it difficult to tell when you were reading a flashback until you were like 4 paragraphs into the flashback.

I had to go back and reread from the beginning of pretty much every flashback and go … oh that makes more sense now.  At one point I started looking for names of characters I knew would be only in the flashbacks so that I could figure it out quicker lol.

This book would have gotten a much higher rating had it been easier to tell between the flashbacks and the present…

How do you feel about flashbacks in books?  Where would you draw the line with using the flashbacks in plot? Have you read Sarah Dessen before?




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The Survival Kit | Bargain Buy Book Review

The other day I was at Chapters (only my favorite store EVER!) and I ended up buying a book.

?!?!?!?!??!!?! *Minion voice* whaaaaaat~? EB bought a book?

Yes I definitely did buy a book! A while back when I introduced my library haul series I told you all that I didn’t really actually buy books. I normally only buy books because I’m positive that I’m going to reread them over and over.  (Listen… Books are expensive okay. I have several very expensive hobbies and I don’t really want to buy books that I might not enjoy). I’m getting off topic.

The point is I bought a book (I bought it for $3!!!!! this is a steal okay. Hence the title)… and I ended up reading it all in one go.  No pauses, nothing. Just flat out sat down and read it.  And since I haven’t done a book review in a while I decided I’d review it for you guys!


Title: The Survival Kit

Author: Donna Freitas

Rating (Out of 5 Stars)

When Rose’s mom dies, she leaves behind a brown paper bag labeled Rose’s Survival Kit. Inside the bag, Rose finds an iPod, with a to-be-determined playlist; a picture of peonies, for growing; a crystal heart, for loving; a paper star, for making a wish; and a paper kite, for letting go.

As Rose ponders the meaning of each item, she finds herself returning again and again to an unexpected source of comfort. Will is her family’s gardener, the school hockey star, and the only person who really understands what she’s going through. Can loss lead to love?

(via Goodreads)

The cover was BEAUTIFUL and I’ve always had this thing for survival situations, survival packs. I’m not sure what it was about me, but when I was younger I used to pack my backpacks with a whole bunch of items that meant a lot to me at that point, but nothing else. I’d have a couple of books in there, my stuffed animal that I’ve had since I was little some toy food utensils, and like $5 in change that I’d some how managed to save (nothing actually necessary like water or clothes lol).  But the idea of survival kits has always stuck with me.  I always wanted to have the “just in case” bag.

That’s perhaps the biggest reason why I picked up this book in the first place.  The cover was intriguing and I was drawn in by the title.

It’s a teen romance. Let’s be real the characters are quite predictable. I had this whole novel plotted out before I got passed the first chapter. Now that’s not a bad thing. The book was well written, but the characters weren’t original.

I really enjoyed the story regardless of the fact that it was something that had been done many times before, but what made me give the book a three stars really was the characters.

I wanted to be more devastated when things were going all wrong. I wanted to fall in love with all of the characters, but there wasn’t enough depth to them, which was really disappointing.

The main character is pretty forgettable.  I sympathized with her, but I didn’t want to wrap her up in a blanket burrito and protect her from everything. I want to be so attached to the characters. I want to proclaim them my smol babies and feed them food and just generally love and care for them. I want to be angry when someone does something mean to them.

But ultimately in this book there just wasn’t enough to make me love them.

I would not have bought this book had it not been $3.

The whole plot is something that I am a total sucker for. No matter how many books come out with the same sort of idea I will never get tired of it.  I just wanted the characters to BE more.

The book made me think about survival kits and what I would have in my own (I may or may not make a post about the contents of my own in the future), but ultimately through most of it I found myself re-writing scenes, adding things in that I thought would give it more dimension and putting more effort into the characters.

This book would have been a hella easy sell for me if there was just a teensy bit more.  I found myself really disappointed in the lack of real personality in the characters (which I’ve been saying basically through this entire review lmao).

However I will be re-reading this book again.

I often like to when I sort of like the book, but not enough to be crazy about it.  I use it as an exercise in improving my writing.  I re-write the book the way I’d want it to go (or at least scenes of it).  I try to breathe life into the characters.

I expected SO much out of this book and found myself sorely disappointed.  That being said I really love the ideas of having a survival kit.

What do you think of the summary? Would you pick up and buy the book just based off of that?** What would you have in your survival kit?

**Let’s pretend that I asked the question before you read my thoughts about the book lol





Side note! I made a new twitter for my blog! I want to do Live tweeting book reviews some time in the future so make sure to give me a quick follow ❤


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P.S. I Like You | Book Review

Whoo! Another book review. Look at me go. I love those first stages out of the book slump.  I haven’t read an honest to goodness high school teen romance in maybe two or three years so I thought it was time I gave it another shot. Lol!

I will not be the first to admit I’m a hopeless romantic.

Though I do find a lot of what people consider romantic gestures these days to be cringe-y and cheesy, I do love romance and a good romance book.

Possible Spoilers Ahead!

Title: P.S. I Like You

Author: Kasie West

Rating (Out of 5 Stars)

While spacing out in chemistry class, Lily scribbles some of her favorite song lyrics onto her desk. The next day, she finds that someone has continued the lyrics on the desk and added a message to her. Intrigue!

Soon, Lily and her anonymous pen pal are exchanging full-on letters—sharing secrets, recommending bands, and opening up to each other. Lily realizes she’s kind of falling for this letter writer. Only, who is he? As Lily attempts to unravel the mystery and juggle school, friends, crushes, and her crazy family, she discovers that matters of the heart can’t always be spelled out

(via Goodreads)

Like I said, I haven’t read a high school love story in years. I admit I was pretty skeptical. The reason I stopped reading them in the first place was:

They were SO over done.

As much as I love a good romance these days they’re all the same. There’s absolutely nothing unique.  Those authors could be amazing authors, but I refused to pick their books up because I’ve already read the plot. I already know who gets the girl. I already know who the girl is.  Can we say Mary Sue with the superficial flaws to make her the “perfectly un-perfect protagonist“?

So as you can tell I didn’t exactly have high expectations for the book when I picked it up off the shelf.  The cover was nothing special. While it was cute and whimsical again there was nothing special about it.  From the last couple of book reviews on my blog you can tell I’ve been critical about the uniqueness, the individuality of a book’s colors.

I could go on and on.  TLDR; I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy it. Especially after reading that summary.  A cute idea, but definitely bound to be FULL of cringe-y cliched plot lines and an inordinate amount of tropes.

As one would expect from a teenage romance the characters were all pretty much the same as every other teenage romance.  But for some reason it worked.

The supportive best friend, the fun yet mildly embarrassing family. The protagonist with a skewed kind of negative view of herself (but let’s face it that’s congruent with like 99% of teenage girls), the “jerk” jock who bullies the protagonist for seemingly no reason, but ends up being a sensitive guy on the inside.

The protagonist, Lily, though she was pretty generic right down to the cringe-y teenage artist vibe i found to be quite relatable.   There were some parts of the book that made me think a little bit more of her. From the relationship that she had with her little brothers to the fact that for a teenage protagonist she wasn’t that whiny. I enjoyed her and genuinely liked seeing the budding romance between her and Cade (her Mr Popular the Jerk lol).

 It’s been a really long time since I read a high school love story that I’ve really found memorable.

My feels were absolutely EVERYWHERE!  When I was younger the romance genre was tied as number one of the ‘Favorite Things to Read Ever’ list.  But after a while, as I began to get older, I really began to notice how same-y they were.  I found that they began to blend into one another, I couldn’t recall finer details or differentiate between a lot of them.

And though I really enjoyed the books (they were pretty well written after all) I just couldn’t find any that made me feel anything particularly passed an ‘aww~’ when I reached the end of the book. None of them left me awake at night going ‘wow’ that’s how I want my love story to happen.  It happened for different reasons.  Sometimes the characters were too generic, too 2 dimensional.  There wasn’t enough. Until P.S. I like you.

Again, yes it  had all the elements of a typical teenage romance.  But I just for some reason really, REALLY enjoyed it.   There was enough depth to the protagonist, enough room for growth and realization. The flaws were there, although admittedly slightly superficial it was enough.

I don’t spend my time looking for or reading books like this anymore. But I would read it again.  I might even consider buying it for my collection.  Sometimes you just need a light hearted romance.  I will say though, I would have preferred a strong ending. That would be my only criticism.  It left us hanging and not in a good cliff hanger “I NEED THE SEQUEL IMMEDIATELY” kind of way.  It just felt a little abrupt? Despite that I still gave it 5 stars because I just loved the rest of it so much.

What are your favorite teen romance or romance books in general? Recommend one to me! I’d love to read some of your favorites.





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Fate of Flames | Book Review

I was really excited to read this book and thought you might like my thoughts. I love, love, LOVE these kinds of books and you know what I wasn’t disappointed with this one!

Title: Fate of Flames (Book One in the Effigies Series)

Author: Sarah Raughley

Rating (Out of 5 Stars)


Years ago, everything changed. Phantoms, massive beasts of nightmare, began terrorizing the world. At the same time four girls, the Effigies, appeared, each with the unique power to control a classical element. Since then, they have protected the world from the Phantoms. At the death of one Effigy, another is chosen, pulled from her normal life into the never-ending battle.

When Maia unexpectedly becomes the next Fire Effigy, she resists her new calling. A quiet girl with few friends and almost no family, she was much happier to admire the Effigies from afar. Never did she imagine having to master her ability to control fire, to protect innocent citizens from the Phantoms, or to try bringing together the other three Effigies.

But with the arrival of the mysterious Saul—a man who seems to be able to control the Phantoms using the same cosmic power previously only granted to four girls at a time—Maia and the other Effigies must learn to work together in a world where their celebrity is more important than their heroism.

But the secrets Saul has, and the power he possesses, might be more than even they can handle.

(via Goodreads)

The atmosphere of the cover totally had me. I saw it and was instantly attracted to it.  Once I read the summary on the jacket cover I was sold.  I’ve always been in love with the whole super powered girls born to save the world idea.  If you write that kind of plot then damn straight I will read the crap out of that book.  So between the atmosphere of the front cover, the premise of the book and the summary on the dust jacket I could tell I was going to love it.

I want to say that the characters were unique, diverse and dynamic, but honestly they weren’t. Now it’s not to say that I didn’t like them. I did really enjoy the characters. But it was obvious that at some points the author was trying too hard to bring diversity into it.  I think with a bit more effort the characters could develop really well.  Though they do seem pretty cookie cutter at the moment.

I guess since it’s just the beginning of the series there’s time for them to grow. I just found myself disappointed when I read the names of the characters (example: Chae Rin, Natalya, Belle, Lake) and didn’t see much actual diversity aside from their names.

While Raughley did a good job of writing the plot and characters I found it lacking something.  As far as writing the clueless normal girl suddenly thrown into the world of danger and super powers she wrote it well. Her overall style is really great. I absolutely adored the book in that sense.

But when you look for something more you’ll find that it’s just missing that unique pop. It’s very easy to make guesses as to which way the plot is going.  That’s the reason for the 3.5 stars. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed the book, Raughley is a phenomenal writer, but there is so much that could be done with the idea.

I expected more training for Maia to be able to control her powers. I expected a lot more action and struggle. And the like side plot love story, with a twist seemed kind of out of place. There were interactions between Maia and her crush, but it just felt a little forced.  The story could have survived without it.  I like love stories, but this book definitely didn’t need it. I think what happened was she tossed all the ideas she had into this story. Which made it just a bit rushed in all sense.  I found it a bit jarring to go back and forth between all the little ideas she tried to incorporate. Don’t get me wrong it’s good, but it could be amazing!

I have high hopes for the series and will definitely be reading the rest of the series (Second book comes out November 21st, 2017). I just hope that from here Raughley kicks it up a notch and ventures away from the typical story line that goes with a normal girl suddenly gaining super powers.





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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone | Reviewing the Classics

I have been in the longest book slump in my entire life and I hadn’t been able to remedy it until just recently when I was going through my bookcase and came across my very old, very worn well-loved copy of the first Harry Potter book.  I’ve had this idea in the back of my mind for a while, going back and rereading some of my favorite books to read back when I was growing up and reviewing them on this blog. My schedule has been kind of hectic so I wasn’t sure when I wanted to begin this kind of series, but the book was in my hand and it was practically calling to me.

Let’s be honest, if you’re a potterhead you’ll most likely have read the series more than once.  I myself have reread the series 4 times since discovering the book as a little kid.  When I read it when I was younger I remember being so fixated on the characters and how scary Voldemort was. I remember the adventure, the rebellious behaviour and the magic.  But as a 21 year old I wondered what it would be like to reread it and really analyze the book. I wondered if it would hold the same childlike wonder for me. I wondered if when reading it I would feel as amazed by it as the first time that I read it.

Each subsequent read so far has made me fall in love with the book. So read on! Let me tell you about my 5th reread experience of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Title: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Author: J.K. Rowling

Rating (out of 5):  

Though I’m sure most of you reading this already know the premise of this book (whether it be because you read the books or watched the movie or even both!), but in the interest of book reviews let me tell you.  This book and the entire Harry Potter series in a nutshell is centered on a young orphaned boy called Harry Potter whose life is thrown into a chaos when he learns that he’s a wizard and that his parents death didn’t go the way his aunt and uncle had always told him.

The first book follows Harry and his two best friends friends (nicknamed the Golden Trio) through their first year at Hogwarts; a magical school for witches and wizards.  During their first year, the Golden Trio and a few of their friends work together to unravel the mystery and uncover the truth behind the death of Harry’s parents.

The book reads exactly as you would expect for a young reader and a pretty compelling one at that (but I think I’m a little biased ;P).  I always did appreciate the way Rowling wrote her books.  The sentences are so simple and clear, yet they have this way of drawing you in. It’s as if you’re there experiencing it first hand.  I enjoyed the vocabulary and the way she structured her chapters. Though its very clear its written intended to be for a younger audience, as an adult I still enjoyed it thoroughly!

Back then I really only focused my attention on the golden trio, which makes sense considering they’re the three main characters Rowling intends for readers to focus on. But this time around when I read through it again I began to really take notice of the stories of the side characters that she weaves in.  Though the point of view is a very narrow and biased one, its really amazing to see how many intricate lives she created around the protagonists.

My favorite so far has definitely got to be Neville. Though he doesn’t blossom much in the first book and is simply portrayed as a clumsy awkward little boy, I really found myself looking forward to more of Neville’s character. Obviously I know how he progresses since I’ve read the series and watched the movies before I found myself eager to watch him grow in this read through of the series.

I actually found myself loving the book even more than the last time.  The book, this series is truly timeless and can be enjoyed even at an age much older than the intended audience.  I also noticed a lot more details through this read through. So many small little things that I don’t remember reading before.  Maybe my eyes skipped over it (I’ve been known to devour books, but miss out on certain details. Which is why I reread!) or maybe I was just too young and focused on the big picture to notice all the beautiful little intricacies that Rowling wrote.

As an aspiring author I really, really admire her writing and how well she manages to create and shape an entire society.  All of the forward thinking and planning she had to have done in order to make the series flow.  I have no doubt I’ll learn so much about writing in general as well as how to handle writing an entire series as I reread the rest of the books.

Conclusion?  J.K. Rowling’s books will never fail to amaze me. The Harry Potter books are definitely going to be one of my most favorite book series’s ever. I  will forever be rereading them and will definitely be reading them to my future kids so they can experience the magical world that I did. Haven’t read it yet?  10 billion percent would recommend you to read it.  Happy reading (or rereading lol!).





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