Hi hi! I’m EB Though some of you, if you’ve made the jump from my lifestyle blog to here, will know me as Sarah.  Here I am EB, your Exuberant Bookworm!

21-year-old Slytherin book enthusiast and writer with big, big dreams.  I am still fairly new to blogging I started this blog this year and my lifestyle blog late last year (October I think)! I’ve thought about how bare this about page is considering this is a book/writing blog lol.

So first here are some basic things to know about me:

  1. I’m a HUGE procrastinator I have like 5 billion series’ and diy projects and books begun that are all open, but not even close to done
  2. I have only finished writing 1 novel and to be honest I would classify it as more of a novella.
  3. I have a long, long, LONG list of unwritten novel ideas that I am lowkey scared of attempting to write because I think I’ll be unable to do the idea justice with my quality of writing (lol can we say insecure?)
  4. I am a 1000% Potterhead (Don’t get me started because I will talk your ear off for hours about how amazing it is lol)
  5. I actually went to school for programming, but my big dream is to be a full time best selling author (lol one step a time)
  6. My personal/lifestyle blog is misswanderland
  7. I love, love, LOVE books. Especially the physical traditional print books (e-reading doesn’t do it enough for me yet lol. I gotta be able to hold the books and feel the paper as I turn the pages)
  8. I hope to retire early with a giant personal library like the one in Beauty and the Beast!