Bye Bye July. Hello August! | Monthly Check In

H-how did we reach August already?  I’m pretty sure that I blinked and missed  July lol.  Here we are at another monthly check in.  Hi little ducklings my posts have been a little scant, but I’m back! I have been very busy the last week or so, but I’m here to celebrate the end of one month and the beginning of another!Green Vine With Flower clip art

~All the bookish and the blog-ish~

Started really getting into those not just book review posts #WednesdayWrites

(as per what I promised I tried to do a bit more not just book reviews and have some bookish even some writing posts)

Read a few books:

  • The Glass Arrow | Kristen Simmons (book review here)
  • Once and For All | Sarah Dessen (book review here)
  • The Survival Kit | Donna Freitas (book review here)
  • Nemesis | Anna Banks (which I haven’t written a book review for yet BUT I NEED TO BECAUSE IT WAS SO GOOD)

I talked about my Top 3 Reasons Why Fantasy is my Favorite Genre.

I will stand by my reasons and favorite genre forever.  Fantasy will always be my #1! What’s yours?

And Why I Don’t have a Favorite Author.

I had a lot of fun writing that post.  I don’t have a favorite author.  Asking me that question will just get a heated response. Its too hard too pick, and not without reason!

Made a twitter for my book blog! (Follow me @EB_Bookish)

Green Vine With Flower clip art

~All The Personal~

  • I have made and just about finished 3 junk journals from scratch (I have been so busy working on these lol) This is probably the most notable of things that I did during July.
  • This month was my first month with my pay raise and it felt GOOD. I also started going out this month.  Going out to work instead of just staying home (I normally work from home).
  • I’m planning a second tattoo. LOL I said that I would only get one, but I’ve been thinking about getting another one since I got the first.
  • I’ve been with my boyfriend for 1.5 years now (is this TMI? lol I’ll stop now)

Green Vine With Flower clip art

Welp lil duckies that’s all I got for July. I kind of wish I could have done more, but I didn’t make a plan for myself and without that… I didn’t do anything.  It’s a huge shame that I didn’t do that.

What’s done is done now I’ll just have to do better this month!

Future Posts:

  • Fanfiction – The Pros and Cons (as a writer)
  • That Character Journals 2.0 post that I never got around to finishing
  • Worldbuilding
  • Writing Prompts
  • More #WednesdayWrites (I’ll be participating in May’s Scribbler’s Challenge starting soon!)

To Do in August

  • Pick something new to learn
  • Actually start properly keeping track of all the books I read (it’s a disorganized mess right now lol)
  • Work on my novel (Word Count Goal: 10,000 | Current Count: 2250)

Green Vine With Flower clip art

How was your July? What’s up for August?  Are there any books set for release this August that you think I should read? 





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