Top 3 Reasons Why Fantasy is my favorite genre (To Read and Write) | #WednesdayWrites

I’m not going to be the first bookworm to state that Fantasy is my absolute favorite genre to read (and write).  That’s not to say that every cute lil bookworm is going to agree with me, but let’s face it. Fantasy has got to be THE best genre to read, when done right of course. There is SO much to discover, to experience, to love about this genre.  I’ll make my intro brief.  Today’s #WednesdayWrites is my top 3 reasons why Fantasy is my favorite genre to read and write!Green Vine With Flower clip art

Green Vine With Flower clip art
1. The only limit to possibilities is your imagination

Think about it. You’re reading (or creating) a world that has an infinite number of possibilities.  Anything is fair game okay?  You could have people with purple skin and spikes protruding out of their backs.  You could have a world where the sky is made of water and everyone walks in air.  Volcanoes could spit out snow and talking plants could be normal.

Anything. Literally anything could be real in worlds of fantasy even if they’re not plausible in our world. (Let’s face it. Who wouldn’t want to be creator of a whole entire world???)

2. It’s a way to escape

Without trying to sound like I’m making this about myself and be all boohoo pity me, my childhood was (though not a bad one) hard to get through. We didn’t go out much and with money being kinda tight I had to adapt to not having everything that everyone else had.  (Talk about first world problems wow geez!).

Anyways reading things set in the real world just felt for lack of a better word bleh. Fantasy books filled with adventure, creatures that didn’t exist except in those new worlds created by the author, that was what I craved.  Something far beyond the reach of my reality.

For those hours I sat down to read I could escape from stress, emotions (my own that I didn’t want to face) and just about anything normal kids wanted to avoid because it was just emotionally exhausting.  TLDR?  Fantasy = Escape.

3. Magic. M – A – G – I – C ! and also wonder.

What would we be without Magic?  Harry Potter-less is what we would be!!

Okay yes this sort of goes back to the first point, where I told you ANYTHING was possible in the Fantasy Genre. But listen. Just hear me out. This is a veRY good point and I feel like it needed it’s on bullet point to fully get across to you the feels that I have about magic and wonder.

Magic gives me this childlike wonder as an adult. One that you can’t get anywhere else. And the kinds of possibilities that come with the idea of magic are endless

Okaay so maybe I didn’t have a WHOLE lot to say about why magic is one of my top 3 reasons why Fantasy is my favorite genre, but some things you just can’t explain, sometimes you just find something and it changes your whole perspective on life.  That’s what fantasy, what magic did for me.

Green Vine With Flower clip art

Do you also like fantasy books? What is your favorite genre?  What are your top reasons for picking that favorite genre?




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9 thoughts on “Top 3 Reasons Why Fantasy is my favorite genre (To Read and Write) | #WednesdayWrites

  1. I absolutely love fantasy. It’s my favourite genre to read because it just has me in awe. The imagination. Also, they are definitely good books for escape. I love getting lost in a fantasy world.
    But I think real life, personal stories are my favourite books jsut cos I can learn from them more and they actually change my thoughts and behaviour and affect my actual life.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I do myself enjoy real life and personal stories for the kind of growth that you can achieve by using the situations to gain awareness, but I can’t deny that my favorite is Fantasy and the freedom, the escape, the adventure.


  2. YESSSSS. I love fantasy for the endless possibilities, the escape, and the magic! I read to escape the real world, and contemporary books are a little to close to the real world for my taste! 😛 Plus fantasy books have more action than contemporaries and I love me some action. I usually am a fantasy writer… but I think after my current project I’m going to try out the magical realism genre. Worldbuilding for fantasy is SO HARD, and with magical realism — you use the real world, but add magical elements into it. (Sorry I’ve been thinking about this a lot. 😂)


    • I find magical realism so difficult to write personally. I want to work on a project for magical realism soon, but I have so many writing projects open that I really don’t wanna add on to it yet lol.
      Worldbuilding in Fantasy is probably the hardest because of the endless possibilities. Its a lot of work to completely create the culture, the landscape, the laws. It’s just so MUCH. lol
      Oh my gosh I would be really interested to see your work on magical realism when you start it!! Maybe you could give me some tips! I’m terrible at it lol. It requires so much knowledge of this world and I’ma be honesty I don’t know enough X’D

      Liked by 1 person

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