The Survival Kit | Bargain Buy Book Review

The other day I was at Chapters (only my favorite store EVER!) and I ended up buying a book.

?!?!?!?!??!!?! *Minion voice* whaaaaaat~? EB bought a book?

Yes I definitely did buy a book! A while back when I introduced my library haul series I told you all that I didn’t really actually buy books. I normally only buy books because I’m positive that I’m going to reread them over and over.  (Listen… Books are expensive okay. I have several very expensive hobbies and I don’t really want to buy books that I might not enjoy). I’m getting off topic.

The point is I bought a book (I bought it for $3!!!!! this is a steal okay. Hence the title)… and I ended up reading it all in one go.  No pauses, nothing. Just flat out sat down and read it.  And since I haven’t done a book review in a while I decided I’d review it for you guys!


Title: The Survival Kit

Author: Donna Freitas

Rating (Out of 5 Stars)

When Rose’s mom dies, she leaves behind a brown paper bag labeled Rose’s Survival Kit. Inside the bag, Rose finds an iPod, with a to-be-determined playlist; a picture of peonies, for growing; a crystal heart, for loving; a paper star, for making a wish; and a paper kite, for letting go.

As Rose ponders the meaning of each item, she finds herself returning again and again to an unexpected source of comfort. Will is her family’s gardener, the school hockey star, and the only person who really understands what she’s going through. Can loss lead to love?

(via Goodreads)

The cover was BEAUTIFUL and I’ve always had this thing for survival situations, survival packs. I’m not sure what it was about me, but when I was younger I used to pack my backpacks with a whole bunch of items that meant a lot to me at that point, but nothing else. I’d have a couple of books in there, my stuffed animal that I’ve had since I was little some toy food utensils, and like $5 in change that I’d some how managed to save (nothing actually necessary like water or clothes lol).  But the idea of survival kits has always stuck with me.  I always wanted to have the “just in case” bag.

That’s perhaps the biggest reason why I picked up this book in the first place.  The cover was intriguing and I was drawn in by the title.

It’s a teen romance. Let’s be real the characters are quite predictable. I had this whole novel plotted out before I got passed the first chapter. Now that’s not a bad thing. The book was well written, but the characters weren’t original.

I really enjoyed the story regardless of the fact that it was something that had been done many times before, but what made me give the book a three stars really was the characters.

I wanted to be more devastated when things were going all wrong. I wanted to fall in love with all of the characters, but there wasn’t enough depth to them, which was really disappointing.

The main character is pretty forgettable.  I sympathized with her, but I didn’t want to wrap her up in a blanket burrito and protect her from everything. I want to be so attached to the characters. I want to proclaim them my smol babies and feed them food and just generally love and care for them. I want to be angry when someone does something mean to them.

But ultimately in this book there just wasn’t enough to make me love them.

I would not have bought this book had it not been $3.

The whole plot is something that I am a total sucker for. No matter how many books come out with the same sort of idea I will never get tired of it.  I just wanted the characters to BE more.

The book made me think about survival kits and what I would have in my own (I may or may not make a post about the contents of my own in the future), but ultimately through most of it I found myself re-writing scenes, adding things in that I thought would give it more dimension and putting more effort into the characters.

This book would have been a hella easy sell for me if there was just a teensy bit more.  I found myself really disappointed in the lack of real personality in the characters (which I’ve been saying basically through this entire review lmao).

However I will be re-reading this book again.

I often like to when I sort of like the book, but not enough to be crazy about it.  I use it as an exercise in improving my writing.  I re-write the book the way I’d want it to go (or at least scenes of it).  I try to breathe life into the characters.

I expected SO much out of this book and found myself sorely disappointed.  That being said I really love the ideas of having a survival kit.

What do you think of the summary? Would you pick up and buy the book just based off of that?** What would you have in your survival kit?

**Let’s pretend that I asked the question before you read my thoughts about the book lol





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